Oil discovery in Jomoro hasn’t led to development

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Oil discovery in Jomoro hasn’t led to development

Oil discovery in Jomoro hasn’t led to development. Mr Patrick Ekye-Kwesie, the Jomoro CPP Parliamentary candidate in the December 2020 elections, has reminded the government and operators that the Tano Basin oil and gas find has not helped the Jomoro people.

He pointed out that while the discovery of oil does not guarantee development, the government’s plans, economic framework, and policy decisions must provide an enabling climate for investment through well-known development systems based on empirical study.

Mr. Ekye-Kwesi of Beyin issued a press release that was copied to the Ghana News Agency in Takoradi.

According to the release, much material on oil finding and its influence on the economy has been published since Ghana’s oil discovery was announced.

“However, it is difficult to assume the perspectives of young and old people in Jomoro who are benefactors or victims of today’s decisions,” it added.

“As a result of the national neglect experienced by locals around the oil rig, there is growing pessimism among the youth in Jomoro,” it bemoaned.

It stated, “We are tired of broken promises to the chiefs and decent people of Jomoro on capacity building.”

It stated that the young demanded complete awareness of the local content legislation and the Petroleum Management Act for the people of Jomoro, as it had been put on hold for so long.

“Without provocation, the youth are demanding the corporate social responsibility of all Tano Basin operators, including contractors and vendors.”

Furthermore, “we demand, without reservation, the status of the much-discussed Fertilizer Plant in Jomoro, as well as its associated infrastructure, which is not viable.”

“The youth also want to be aware of the projected Petroleum Hub in Jomoro and its current condition, particularly to have more education on the compulsory purchase of our farmlands,” the statement read.

The young are demanding that various players, including Ghana National Gas Company, provide regular safety briefings on gas flaring.

It reminded the government that building a crew change port in Jomoro to lower the cost of embarking from Takoradi would be financially prudent.

The announcement urged Madam Eunice Buah, a member of the State Council and a Jomoro daughter, to “keep Jomoro in mind” and “talk to the President about their marginalization despite feeding Ghana.” finding more on Oil discovery in Jomoro hasn’t led to development.



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