FIDA-Ghana denounces an Anglican Priest who kissed female students.

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FIDA-Ghana denounces an Anglican Priest who kissed female students.

FIDA-Ghana denounces an Anglican Priest who kissed female students. The International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) has criticized an Anglican Priest who was seen kissing female pupils at St. Monica’s College in Asante Mampong during a Church Service in a viral video.

Father Balthazar Obeng Larbi, the College’s Chaplain and a lawyer, was caught on camera kissing three female students one after the other, despite the fact that some of them were visibly offended.

According to a statement released by FIDA-Ghana on Wednesday and signed by its President Afua Brown-Eyeson, screenshots of chats reportedly posted by pupils from the same institution indicated that the occurrence was only a reflection of the Reverend Father’s modus operandi.

“The jeering and joy on the faces of bystanders was rather uncomfortable to behold, and it no doubt encouraged the attacker to continue kissing the girls. “Sexual harassment and abuse are not to be laughed at,” it stated.

According to the statement, it was past time to confront the culture of entitlement and cleric abuse because the issue of sexual harassment in the church had been ignored at best and repressed at worst for far too long.

“It’s past time to confront the entitlement cultures and clerics’ misuse of power that afflict women and girls in religious institutions. However, because of excessive influence, duress, and fear of religious authority, sexual harassment and abuse by priests has been in the news for a long time.

“Though religious authority is highly revered in Ghana, it should not be used to oppress and mistreat women and girls who, more often than not, require the protection of these clerics,” the report stated.

Sexual harassment is gender-based violence and a violation of girls’ and women’s human rights, according to the statement, which is outlawed by the 1992 Constitution, the Domestic Violence Act, and the Labour Act.

“Sexual harassment” is defined by the Labour Act of 2003 (Act 651) as “any uninvited, unpleasant, or importunate sexual advances or requests made by an employer, superior officer, or coworker, whether the worker is a male or a woman.”

The impact of sexual harassment on women’s academic and professional lives has deprived them of their rightful places of merit in most cases, contributing to massive gender imbalances in school and the workplace, necessitating the passage of the Affirmative Action Law.
FIDA-Ghana praised the Anglican Church of Ghana for taking the situation seriously, releasing Rev. Father Larbi from his duties and giving counseling to the girls.

The Federation urged women and girls who had been sexually harassed in churches to come out and share their stories in order to raise awareness of the heinous deeds.

“Aware of the risk of being stigmatized for speaking up, FIDA Ghana urged the public to report such incidents to its Gender-Based Violence number or Whatsapp platform 0556833161 and website the organization said.

According to the statement, these platforms allowed victims of violence to report crimes while also providing them with a skilled lawyer to assist them with their legal needs.

FIDA-Ghana also urged the media and citizens to share the video with caution in order to safeguard the girls’ identities as victims.

It also urged religious leaders at all levels to make adjustments and to create and sustain a culture that is free of sexual harassment and misbehavior.

“To make this work, we want religious institutions, students, teachers, staff, and administrators to take responsibility for promoting a harassment-free environment,” the statement continued. We will providing more information on FIDA-Ghana denounces an Anglican Priest who kissed female students.



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